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I can’t believe that it’s taken eight months to give you an update on our project, my comment on my last blog of ‘hoping for no horror stories’, was me being very naive having never attempted a project on this scale. I’m guessing a few of you who have, must have smiled and thought good luck with that one!

The project started really well mid-April and within a few weeks the old conservatory and rear of the old kitchen had been demolished, foundations dug, and concrete poured, steel supports were in place and the new external walls built.

Unfortunately, then due to supply issues, there were no further developments until the beginning of July when the roof lantern arrived and was fitted, ‘yay’ we thought, movement at last…

However, there was still no sign of the window and bi fold door, and without this area being secure and weatherproof, work couldn’t start on the internal jobs, electrics, heating, plastering etc. With no idea when these materials would eventually arrive, my Husband decided to board these areas up himself so the internal work could commence whilst we were waiting.

As soon as this was done, the builders were then able to come back and take the old external wall down, (the window also turned up at this point) and the electricians and plasters were able to complete their jobs. However, the plumber who started fitting the radiators then disappeared mid job... so again my Husband had to step in and fit them himself.

Roll on then to October and the bifold door eventually arrives!!! (Also, the newest member of our family, Rosie the Weimaraner puppy 😊)

From November onwards *we* laid an engineered wooden flooring throughout the new area, as the flooring company we had chosen to supply and fit, kept delaying us because of problems getting stock of the flooring from abroad. So *we* sourced another flooring from a different supplier and laid it * ourselves* (*by we/ourselves I mean hubby 😊).

Lots of decorating, laying a patio (to try and minimize the paw prints on the new flooring 😊) and a lot of faffing followed, and the week before Christmas it was finally complete!

So here we are in February 2022 and hopefully looking forward to a less stressful year!

We have a few small projects planned for this year, panelling the walls in the bedrooms, updating the garden, and I also like the idea of brick slips on a couple of the walls in the new orangery to make it more rustic looking (not told my Hubby about this one yet 😊). There will be lots of puppy training for Rosie, and most exciting of all, our youngest daughter’s wedding!!

So, Year 2022, here’s to the celebrations and the good times to come!

Best wishes & stay safe to all,

Love Fiona & Rosie xxxxx

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